Stack them all and don't let them fall!

Are you up for the challenge? We need your help Hero! These boxes won't stack themselves! Seriously. They won't.

Unique Boxes

Careful there! Each box has a unique characteristic to it! Handle them with care... And then drop them. Drop them good.

Upgrade System

Get better boxes. Start on a higher level. Get more gold and diamonds. It is all up to you Hero!

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Tackle the Wind

Higher you rise windier it gets. It is only logical. Show the wind who is the boss here!

No Forced Ads

No surprise ads await you here! Only watch an ad when you choose to do so and receive amazing rewards!

How It Works


StackFall Screenshots


Stack Fall mixes strategy and casual gaming in a perfect blend. It is a great time killer with quite intriguing mechanics.

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Do you like to be handy and build your own towers? Try your luck playing Stack Fall by "One Unit". Stack Fall is a fun game with surprising details.

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